Dr. John Paul Mahona

Acting Deputy Rector


To provide expertise and support services to the Institute on matters related to Academic, Research and Consultancy.


The Office performs the following functions: –

  1. To manage day to day operation of the Institute in regards to Academic, Research and Consultancy affairs;
  2. To prepare criterion to be used in determine both eligibility to join the Institute by applicants and completion of the training by candidates before they can be awarded their credentials;
  3. To ensure smoothly linkages and -exchange of information between the Institute and other regulatory authorities as well as relevant stakeholders both locally and Internationally;
  4. To ensure smooth running of the training, research and consultancy functions;
  5. To advice the Rector on Policy and strategies for teaching and learning developments, actions to be taken and responses to be made concern practical training. practices, curricular and standards;
  6. To oversee the conduct of research-and-dissemination of research output;
  7. To ensure general quality assurance and quality control of academic, research. and consultancy;
  8. To deal with complaints relating to academic, short course, research and consultancy issues;
  9. To provide.academic leadership in curricular and courses evaluation including regular review of programs;
  10. To establish and manage links with other academic Institutions both Locally, Regionally and Internationally; and
  11. To respond communications from within and outside the Institute relating to practical training practice, curricular and standards.

The Office is led by a Deputy Rector and have the following Faculties and Directorate::


  1. Faculty of Aviation Technology (FAT);
  2. Faculty of Maritime and Petroleum Technology (FoMPT);
  3. Faculty of Transport Engineering and Technology (FoTET);
  4. Faculty of Logistics and Business Studies (FoLBS);
  5. Faculty of Information and Technical Education (FolTE);


  1. Academic Support Services Directorate; and
  2. Research and Consultancy Directorate.