To support the provision of academics and admission at the Institute. This includes library, industrial liaison NIT- Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation Centre, printing, curricula development and innovation services, admission and examination (for both undergraduate and postgraduate).


This Directorate performs the following functions: –

  1. To advise and assist DR – ARC in respect of matters pertaining to Library affairs;
  2. To ensure availability and adequacy of references and learning materials;
  3. To keep tools, machines and equipment entrusted to facilitate Library services provisions;
  4. To administer routine ordering and processing of-books;
  5. To liaise with Principals, Deans-and -Directors regarding requirements -of books, pamphlets, periodicals and journals;
  6. To facilitate and participate in Institute development activities and all other activities for improvement of teaching and learning; and
  7. To prepare plans, policies and guidelines for the directorate;
  8. To establish and foster closer association with other institutions of higher learning;
  9. To establish, develop and run a career-development programme for current NIT students including the development of individual career plans;
  10. To establish, develop and run an interactive and engaging session as part of orientation week on the importance of developing a career brand;
  11. To coordinate curriculum development and review responsive to employee’s/market needs;
  12. To facilitate the conduct situational analysis to examine effectiveness of academic programs;
  13. To coordinate and ensure timely review of curricular;
  14. To ensure proper time allocated for field work/research and its supervision as stated in the Curriculum:
  15. To assess the performance in every subject i respect to curriculum;
  16. To assess the alignment of the curriculum in relation to the Institute’s mission;
  17. To oversee admission and examination processes and;
  18. To oversee the activities of the Printing Press as well as NIT-Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation Centre.
  19. To prepare appropriate budget for the directorate.

This Directorate is led by Director.