Why to study an Ordinary Diploma of Electrical Engineering at National Institute of Technology (NIT)?

You’re welcome to start your carrier as future Electrical Technician for joining the Ordinary Diploma course in Electrical Engineering (EE) from NTA Level 4, 5 & 6 in the Department of Transport Engineering and Technology (TET) at National Institute of Transport (NIT) and our students have been at the forefront of many great innovations of basic and advanced Engineering projects to advance their carrier. Current work in the department holds promise of continuing this record of innovation and leadership, in both research and education, across the full spectrum of departmental activity. The TET department also offers a range of programs that enable students to gain experience in industrial settings, ranging from collaborative industrial projects done on campus to term-long experiences to fulfill the needs of communities, partner companies and industrial development at large in our country.

                 The career paths and opportunities for Electrical Engineering (EE) students cover a wide range and continue to grow: fundamental technologies, devices, and systems based on electrical and electronics engineering are pervasive and essential to improving the lives of people around the the country and world at large and managing the environments they live in. The basis for the success of Electrical Engineering (EE) technicians as our future graduates get a deep education in Engineering principles from NTA Level 4, 5 and 6 which built by our lecturers and instructors especially in electrical courses, electronics courses, mathematical, communication skills, computational skills, physical, entrepreneurship and life sciences. Our learners are exposed and exercised with laboratory practical applications and Electrical Engineering projects experiences in a wide range of areas. Our graduates have also demonstrated their potential and talents over the two years since the Diploma of Electrical Engineering (EE) have been started due to the quality academic foundation especially in industrial practical trainings and other academic activities which involve projects innovations for development of science and technology in our country as middle economy country particularly. 

You’re warmly welcome at National Institute of Transport (NIT), feel at home.