Dr. NDIMILA, Benjamin Wambura

Faculty Dean


To oversee the development and review of all academic programs in order to ensure efficient provision of quality education in Aviation academic programs.


This Faculty performs the following functions: –

  1. To advise and assist DEPUTY RECTOR – ACADEMIC, RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY (DR-ARC) in respect of such matters of the Institute academic programs as may be prescribed;
  2. To facilitate teaching and learning of the academic programs at the Institute;
  3. To oversee the running and development of professional undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Institute;
  4. To prepare appropriate budget for the Faculty;
  5. To ensure proper use and management of resources of the Faculty;
  6. To oversee admission and examination regulations of academic programs;
  7. To oversee training activities of the Faculty; and
  8. To supervise work performance in the respective Faculty.

This Faculty is led by a Dean