CPA.William R. Haji


To coordinate and oversee all financial and accounting matters of the Institute.


This Directorate performs the following functions: –

  1. To maintain effective strategic financial control;
  2. To develop, implement and maintain accounting policies and procedures for a wide-range of activities including financial accounting and reporting;
  3. To ensure compliance with government financial legislation, policies, procedures and accepted accounting principles;
  4. To manage accounting and financial systems and maintain full and accurate accounting records;
  5. To conduct financial analysis and prepare.detailed financial reports;
  6. To establish and maintain internal financial controls to ensure compliance with financial policies and procedures;
  7. To receive, bank and direct proper use of all monies paid to the Institute;
  8. To maintain and administer use of trust funds, investments, insurance and royalties;
  9. To control capital and recurrent expenditure;
  10. To prepare timely payment of salaries and emoluments:
  11. To maintain up to-date and transparent Management Information System on all accounts at all levels;
  12. To insure all properties and assets of the Institute;
  13. To liaise with the Department of Planning and Investment in preparing annual estimates, budgets and related financial matters;
  14. To facilitate effective purchases and management of supplies; and
  15. To supervise periodical reporting of all income and expenditure transactions.