Ms. Joyce B. Mpunga


To create an atmosphere of trust, support and promote professional growth as well as development opportunities to staff to allow the Institute function optimally, and realize its vision and mission.


This Directorate performs the following functions: –

  1. To develop, manage and implement human resources management plans, policies and guidelines;
  2. To interpret Public Service Regulations; Standing Orders and other Labour laws;
  3. To oversee the implementation of ethics and value promotion activities including corruption prevention education;
  4. To carry out regular human resources audit and inventory of current and future needed skills;
  5. To administer and oversee implementation of activities such as recruitment, selection, orientation, training and employee development, promotion, discipline, retention, motivation, performance management and general staff welfare;
  6. To coordination of staff benefits and compensation;
  7. To coordinate staff recruitment, retention and terminations;
  8. To facilitate provision of security services, transport and general utilities;
  9. To coordinate implementation of ethics and value promotion activities:
  10. Keep track of Non-communicable diseases control programs including HIV/AIDS;
  11. To ensure maintenance and cleaning of Institute properties and environment;
  12. To coordinate the implementation of diversity issues:   
  13. To create an environment and working conditions conducive for high staff morale and productivity by initiating suitable safety, motivation, health, and welfare programmes;
  14. To liaise with Estate Unit in coordinating effective maintenance and rehabilitation of the Institute infrastructure.
  15. To guides employee actions by researching, developing, and updating policies, procedures, methods, and guidelines; communicating and
    enforcing organisation values;
  16. To counsel and advice staff on personal and work-related issues; and
  17. To prepare appropriate budget for the directorate.