Welcome Note from Planning and Investment Unit

Planning and Investment Unit is one of the Institute’s key functional units charged with the core function of coordinating all planning and development issues at the institute. The coordination function entails prioritization, resource mobilization, allocation and plan implementation for the achievement of the Institute’s Strategic Goals. The unit operates under the office of Deputy Rector of Planning, Finance and Administration. Currently, the unit has six (6) staff led by head of unit.


The Unit was established to strengthen the Institute’s planning and development efforts. In this regard, its core business is to ensure, there are proactive plans and strategies for the sustainable resource mobilization, effective financing arrangement and plan implementation. The Unit is determined to identify potential collaborators/investor(s) who can invest in various projects at the institutes’ premise. Such potential investments include but not limited to construction of learning and teaching infrastructures, hostels, conferences and business centers.


In order the Unit to execute its core business, will have to maintain the perform the following functions: –

  • To formulate and review the Institute development policies and strategies for planning and investment.
  • To monitor and evaluate Institute activities
  • To prepare the Institute’s performance reports
  • To prepare basic statistics and management reports
  • To interpret and analyze data for plan formulation
  • To formulate and coordinate plans and strategies based upon priorities for efficiency resource allocation
  • To liaise with Government Ministries and departments on all issues concerning Institute’s planning and investment
  • To coordinate the preparation of budget of the Institute
  • To review and evaluate reports on plan performance
  • To establish and maintain project, management and monitoring systems which incorporate quality standards and ensures the effectives of outcomes.
  • To create and maintain a team of professionals (internal or external) to originate, analyze, finance, close, manage all investments of the Institute.
  • To lead underwriting and due diligence activities
  • To prepare, coordinate, and consolidate annual work plans and budgets


Infrastructure Development and Training Equipment Project

The implementation of Infrastructure development and training equipment project include: –

  • Construction of National Transport Learning Resource Centre;
  • Construction of Business Industrial Park Workshop;
  • Procurement of one (1) Twin – Engine Aircraft for Pilot Training;
  • Procurement of two (2) Single Engine Aircrafts for Pilot Training; and
  • Procurement of Full Motion Cabin Crew Mock-Up.

EAST Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP)