Dr. Eva O. Luwavi

Director | Research Publication and Postgraduate Studies


The Directorate supervises the activities of the Journal of Logistics, Management and Engineering Sciences (JLMES) and publications of research finding. Journal of Logistics, Management and Engineering Sciences (JLMES) is a registered Journal with Reg. No ISSN 1821-9349, published twice a year by the National Institute of Transport. It is devoted to articles and research information on areas of Transport, Logistics, Transport Safety, Transport Technology, ICT Development, Management and the like, covering Tanzania and the rest of the World. It is through publications that the research including its scientific and practical contributions is disseminated to others in a participation field. This makes scientific researchers and practitioners with similar interest aware of new knowledge in their field and it helps to advance knowledge and its application. Our objective is to address issues on development efforts in the areas mentioned above, including achievements and problems encountered, together with research efforts into possible problem – solving alternatives. The criteria for inclusion of any article in the Journal is that, it should have valuable contributions to the above-named fields thereby making it a useful reference to policy makers and practitioners.

Welcome note from Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies

The Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies was established in 2015 after taking over the functions of the former Department of Research, Publications and Consultancy. It is a unit which is responsible for overall coordination of Research, Publications as well as Postgraduate Studies at the National Institute of Transport. The Directorate provides an enabling environment and opportunities of the Institute’s mission by undertaking research, publications and postgraduate studies in the areas of logistics, management and transport technology. The Directorate works closely with other Departments and Schools to ensure flexible and sustainable high-quality education and training.


The Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies offers the following programmes: –


Research is an essential component in generating knowledge both for professionals and non-professionals. It equips knowledge about the world and skills which improves people’s lives.
It is the role of the Directorate to coordinate research activities that will respond to the regional and local challenges in Logistics, Management and Transport Technology and other related cross-cutting issues.

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Area of Specilization:Logistics and Transport

Mr. Salumu Mihayo Kopakopa

Assistant Director & Examination Officers
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Mr. Jafari Sued Luge

Research and Publications Coordinator