Jeremiah S Kambei

President of SONIT
On top of that, Students has Academic associations, Chapters and Clubs which include;
  • Procurement and Supply Students’ Association (PSSA)
  • Logistics and Transport Students’ Association (LTSA)
  • National Institute of Transport Marketing and Public Relations Association (NPRA)
  • Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET – NIT Students’ Chapter)
  • Environmental (Mazingira) Club
Registration of any new association, chapter or club shall get approval of Rector through Dean of Students office.

Welcome note from President of SONIT

Students’ Organization of National Institute of Transport (SONIT) is the Students’ Government at the National Institute of Transport which is headed by President Hon. Makame A. Hamad.

Students’ Organization is composed of the SONIT Cabinet and Students’ Representative Council (SRC).

The Students’ organization is responsible for Students’ academic, social and recreational activities at the Institute. SONIT is the only official recognized organization representing all students of the National Institute of Transport.

The objectives of SONIT are;

  • To protect and promote students interests in all aspects of their lives during their tenure at the National Institute of Transport in Dar es Salaam.
  • To establish a proper organizational basis for communication between the Institutes’ authorities and students as well as maintaining harmonious relations between students, academic staff, non-academic staff and Institute’s administration.
  • To promote love and respect for learning, the pursuit for truth, and ensure that every student understand his/her responsibility to educate himself/herself to the best of capabilities and to search knowledge for the betterment of human-kind and in doing so to cherish and promote academic freedom as an inalienable right of a student at the Institute.
  • To stimulate and promote all desirable aspects of cultural development which inculcates the spirit and love of music, sports and art in order to keep the Institute a fertile ground from which best talents can be developed.
  • To maintain and promote fraternal relations with other students in Institutions of learning in Tanzania and outside.
  • To perform duties and exercise all powers as conferred on the Students’ Organization by or under any provisions of the Act establishing the NIT or as the Act may provide under amendments made upon it from time to time; or as may be directed by Governing Council and/ or the Institute’s Management.
  • To do all such other things as may be conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives or anyone of them and to question any other thing whatsoever, which appears to compromise the status of SONIT

Meet Our Team

Area of Specilization:

Baraka E. Mlelwa

Vice Presidet
Area of Specilization:

Pablo F. Tilya

Prime Minister
Area of Specilization:

Pelina R. Kimath

General Sectretary
Area of Specilication:

Remmy A. Mwakabuta