Zuberi Gurisha Hamis

Head of ILCG Unit
Other activities carried out by ILCG office include to;
  • Promote cooperation with the industry through students’ IPT
  • Market the capacities available at the Institute in its areas of strength (centre of excellence, profiles of Institute research and consultancy potentials)
  • Coordinate study visits for students and staff to industries and companies
  • Coordinate professional lectures for students in and outside the institute
  • Coordinate staff professional attachments to industries and companies

Welcome note from ILCG

The Industrial Liaison and Career Guidance (ILCG) Unit is one of the academic units of the National Institute of Transport (NIT). The ILCG has two main sections namely; Industrial Practical Training (IPT) and Career Guidance/Counseling. The Head of ILCG Unit is the overall in charge of the day to day activities of the unit. The unit collaborates with Public Relation Office for external and internal communications. It links the Institute to Industry through memorandum of understanding for mutual benefit. This facilitates staff attachment, students’ Industrial Practical Training (IPT), internships, and study tours. The ILCG Unit in its daily undertakings is assisted by departmental coordinators.


Industrial Practical Training (IPT) is one of the modules included in all academic programs at the Institute. It is therefore an essential integral part of the entire training. The IPT modules are therefore treated as courses of succeeding year for all Diploma and Bachelors Programs offered by the Institute. The main objective is to provide an opportunity to students to merge theory and practice.

On the IPT matters, the department coordinators assist the unit on:
  • Soliciting IPT placements for students at the institute
  • Allocation of IPT places to students
  • Allocation of lectures to IPT placements for students supervision
  • Visiting organizations for field work search
  • Dissemination of information to students and departmental heads
  • Planning and coordinating IPT supervision
On career guidance matters, the department coordinators assist the unit on:
  • Organizing and managing database on NIT graduates
  • Identifying the location of the NIT graduates in the industry
  • Soliciting feedback information on NIT graduates
  • Identifying and providing solutions to existing recruitment problems for the graduates
  • Coordinating data collection activities for tracer studies and
  • Conducting seminars/workshop on career guidance by involving skilled personnel from NIT and the industry.