Directorate Director.


To facilitate the use of ICT facilities to create an enabling environment that promotes smooth teaching, learning and operation of Institute activities.


This Directorate performs the following functions:

  1. To analyze computer system needs for management information and functional operations; determine scope and priorities of project and system capacity and equipment acquisitions;
  2. T0 Coordinate the installation. configuration, enhancement, and maintenance of simulators, computer systems, hardware, software, Internet, telecommunication facilities and networks deployed at Institute;
  3. To develop, implement, and maintain procedures, policies, and standards to continuously improve institutional lCT efficiency;
  4. To prepare and implement ICT strategic plan for smooth running of the Organization’s Information System functions;
  5. To facilitate the collection, and storage of institutional information;
  6. To provide support to key users and communicate institutional ICT requirements;
  7. To prepare appropriate budget for the directorate
  8. To prepare reports for ICT Steering Committee;
  9. To-prepare and implement disaster recovery plan;
  10. To ensure reliability of ICT facilities at-the Institute;
  11. To provide supporting teaching conduct research and provide consultancy;
  12. To maintain ICT procedure manuals in regards to the system development life cycle;
  13. To administer local and wide areas networks;
  14. To develop and maintains hardware and-software security policies;
  15. To oversee the development of Information Systems for the Institute
  16. To provide in-house training on ICT; and
  17. To design, develop and manage the Institute’s website and other social platforms.

This Directorate is led by a Director.