Directorate Director


To coordinate all planning, investment and resource mobilization activities of the Institute.


This Directorate-will perform the following functions: –

  1. To formulate and review of Institute development policies and strategies for planning and investment;
  2. To monitor and evaluate Institute’s activities;
  3. To prepare the Institute’s performance reports;
  4. To prepare basic statistics and management reports;
  5. To interpret and analyze data for plan formulation;
  6. To formulate and coordinate plans and strategies based upon priorities for efficiency resources allocation;
  7. To liaise with Government Ministries and departments on all issue concerning Institute ‘s planning and investment;
  8. To coordinate the preparation of budget of the Institute;
  9. To coordinate preparation financial mobilization proposals;
  10. To review and evaluate reports on plan performances;
  11. To establish and maintain project management and monitoring systems which incorporate quality standards and ensures the effectiveness of outcomes;
  12. To create and maintain a team of professionals (internal or external) to originate, analyze, finance, close, manage all investments of the Institute;
  13. To lead underwriting and-due diligence activities; and
  14. To prepare, coordinate, and consolidate annual work plans and budgets.

This Directorate is led by a Director.