Mr. Abely P. Luzibila

Directorate Director.


To collaborate with other Institute organs to continuously enhance the educational, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well being of students.


This Directorate will performs the following functions: –

  1. To implement and enforce all policies, rules and regulations of the Institute with respect to students’ general conduct, behavior and discipline;
  2. To facilitate management/staff – student relations that promote an atmosphere characterized by justice, fairness, and good human relations;
  3. To handle students’ problems that affect their academic performance;
  4. To facilitate resource mobilization Tor student affairs and services;
  5. To undertake the administration of students’ welfare services in the areas of accommodation; catering, health and recreation;
  6. To supervise the general elections of the student’s government;
  7. To advise DR-PFA on matters pertaining to Students’ affairs;
  8. To coordinate counselling services to students on. academic, social and health matters;
  9. To guide students on the observance of Institute regulations and students’ by-laws;
  10. To prepare appropriate budget for the directorate;
  11. To organize orientation programs to new students in collaboration with Directorate of Academic and supports services;
  12. To develop appropriate strategies for discerning, controlling and managing students’ conflicts; and
  13. To coordinate the management of students’ assembly.

This Directorate is led by Dean who is equivalent to Director.