Frank P. Kapombe

Head of Department
Upcoming long course
  • Bachelor of Aircrafts Maintenance Engineering (BAME)-Avionics
  • Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (DAME) – Avionics
  • Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
Upcoming short course
  • Airframe
  • Power Plant
  • Avionics – Electrical
  • Avionics – Instrumentation
  • Avionics – Radio Communication and Navigation
  • Avionics – Radar

About Aeronautical Engineering

The department offers aircraft maintenance engineering program which is basically divided into three main parts; airframes, engines and avionics. Currently, the focus is on engines and airframe as off now the depart

Airframe is a branch of engineering that deals with the whole structural body and its related aircraft systems excluding engines and avionics. The Graduate Engineers in this field deals with aircraft maintenance, repair and overhauls of the structures and systems that are either operating or are associated with operating systems of flight controls, fuselage, landing gear and other systems.

Engine or power plant is the mechanical internal combustion machine or device which provides force (Power) to move the aircraft forward. An engineer who is specialized in aircraft engines, would be able to maintain, repair and overhaul aircrafts engines and their connected systems to the premier thinkable standard. Power plant engineer must work closely with airframes and avionics engineer to assure mechanical safety of the plane.

Avionics is the aviation electrical electronics branch designed for aircraft engineering. It fundamentally deals with electrical and electronics parts of aircraft airframe and engines. Being avionic engineer you will be required to handle all electrical/electronic systems of airframes and engines. Amongst the components and systems that are services, maintained, repaired and overhauled by avionics engineer includes black box, weather radar, electro-optic systems and lighting systems. Engines and airframes use avionics systems in its operations. Without engines or airframes there is no avionics likewise without avionics, engines and airframes cannot operate. Commonly, the aircraft systems are all need one another. Avionics is therefore divided into four branches such as electrical AC/DC, Radios, Instruments, Campus and Radar

Bachelor of Aircrafts Maintenance Engineering (BAME)
Purpose of the Programme
The programme is intended to prepare a skilled person, who will work as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Duration of the Program: Four (4) years

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (DAME)
Purpose of the Qualification
The programme is intended to prepare a skilled person, who will work as Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

Duration of the Program: Three (3) years