Campus Director


To oversee the provision of academic services to ensure provision of quality education at the Campuses.

The Institute has established three (3) Campuses

  • Dodoma Campus,
  • Kilimanjaro Campus and
  • Lindi Campus.

This Campus performs the following activities: –

  1. To Manage all resources at the Campus;
  2. To Administer Campus funds;
  3. To Ensure smooth conduct of academics, research, consultancy and innovation activities at the Campus;
  4. To Ensure proper use of approved Institute’s policies and operational procedures at the Campus;
  5. To Manage student’s welfare at the Campus;
  6. To Manage Income Generation and expenditure at the Campus;
  7. To Maintain discipline of staff at the Campus; and
  8. To Ensure effective management of the approved Campus annual budget and plans.