Mr. Moses Magere

Head of Unit


To coordinate all procurement and store activities of the Institute.


This Unit performs the following activities:

  1. Implement the decisions of the Tender Board that are not contested by the accounting officer;
  2. Plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities;
  3. Check and prepares statements of requirements;
  4. Prepare tendering documents;
  5. Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities;
  6. Communicate the decisions of the Tender Board to the Accounting Officer (VC);
  7. Prepare contract documents and issues approved contract documents;
  8. Maintain and archives records of the procurement and disposal process;
  9. Maintain a list or register of all awarded contracts;
  10. Prepare periodic and annual procurement reports for the Institute, PPRA and GPSA;
  11. To oversee arrangements for the purchase of equipment and materials (other than furniture) required by the Institute including their effective use;
  12. To prepare appropriate budget for the unit; and
  13. To oversee arrangements for the maintenance of an inventory of furniture and equipment held by the Institute.

This Unit is led by a Head.