Mr. Cornelio Swai

Head of Unit


To ensure a framework of management, academic support and facilities that enhances the quality of teaching and learning experience, research and consultancy services.

The Unit performs the following activities: –

  1. Advise and assist the Rector in respect of all academic matters of the Institute quality assurance;
  2. Oversee the smooth running and development of Quality Assurance in the Institute;
  3. Advise on all academic matters pertaining to quality assurance;
  4. Recommend appropriate budgets for Quality Assurance unit;
  5. Establish and Coordinates the development of Quality Assurance
  6. Oversee Quality Assurance of all academic activities of the Institute;
  7. Evaluate current progress.of Quality Assurance of academic activities of the Institute and recommend future measures;
  8. Prepare Quality Assurance reports and submit to Rector;
  9. Prepare and/or review Quality Assurance policy; and
  10. To prepare appropriate budget for the Unit.

The Quality Assurance Unit is led by a Head.