Head of Unit


To communicate to the public with timely, accurate, objective and complete information about NIT’S activities and services.

This Unit performs the following activities: –

  1. Analyze public complaints, criticisms and enquiries-with view of improving and promoting the Institute’s image;
  2. Organize and coordinate Institute participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, and similar events;
  3. Undertake advertising activities in the press;
  4. Arrange interviews for Institutes’ officials on radios, televisions and other medias;
  5. Coordinate all events of the Institute and keep records as appropriate;
  6. Undertake external and. internal communications such as press releases, run NIT radio and television programmes;
  7. Coordinate all Marketing and Public Relations activities which are geared towards the attainment of the Institute’s short- and long-term objectives;
  8. Plan and design the NIT’s Marketing and Public Relations publications; and
  9. To prepare appropriate budget for the unit.

This Unit is led by a Head.