Mr. Abely P. Luzibila

M.A. Applied Social Psychology (M.A.ASP)


The Department of Students’ Welfares (DSW) is one of the National Institute of Transport (NIT) departments which is responsible for overseeing the general students’ welfares at the Institute. The department plays critical role in offering proper, efficient and effective administration of general welfares of students at the Institute. The department is endeavor to provide flexible, high quality welfare services and friendly environment that nurture students to engage in social and academic development. The department has number of offices which are; Office of Dean of Students (Head of Department Office) No. 1, Office of Dean of Students No. 2, Office of Halls Supervisor, Office of Games Tutor, Students’ Registry Office and Students’ Loans Offices.

Welfare Services Offered
The Department of Students Welfare offers a wide range of welfare services and facilities to Students which include;

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Welcome Note from Students’ Welfares

I heartily welcome all of you to the office of the Dean of Students at the National Institute of Transport, Dar es Salaam. The DoS office is fully mandated to administer the general welfares of students at the Institute. The office is located at Administration Block 02 office No 5. Students should feel privileged to be a part of this noble academic institution.

Among other things, campus life is an integral part of this Institute which involves available wide range of services and facilities to students such as Guidance and Counseling Services, Students Health and Catering Services, Career Guidance, Accommodation Services, Distinct services to Students with Special Educational Needs, Sports, Games and Recreational Activities.

While enjoying the many learning opportunities for personal capacity development during your study period, you as a student has a role to be responsible in your actions in order to positively uplift the highly reputable image of the Institute wherever you are and always.
My office provides a proactive and responsive representation to the Institute about ways of enhancing the quality of students’ welfares. Thus, any issue that concerns you as a student concerns my office too. To this end, my office also works closely with various departments, organs, Students’ Government, associations, chapters and clubs so that all students can obtain optimum benefit towards reaching their academic ambitions.

In sum, enjoy your study period at NIT while you read and obey the rules and regulations spelt out in the students’ By – Laws and other basic laws, rules and regulations of the Institute and of the nation at large. Avail yourself to the many student support services provided by the Institute in your Departments, Lectures, Halls of residences and elsewhere they can be available as directed by the Institute Management. Come upon any challenge, the doors of Dean of Students’ Offices are open to support you address such challenges.