Phabian P. Mongo

Head of Department
Upcoming long course
  • Master of Science in Air Transport Management
  • Bachelor of Aerospace Science with Pilot Studies
  • Bachelor of Cabin Crew with Aviation Safety and Security
  • Pilot Training Programmes (Private Pilots License – PPL, Commercial Pilots License – CPL, Instrument Rating for Single Engine and Multi-engine – IR-SE/ME)
Upcoming short course
  • Flight Dispatch/Flight Operations
  • Cargo Rating and Dangerous Goods

About of Flying and Operations Management

Currently, the department offers cabin crew and recurrence course and air transport management programs.

Cabin Crew Courses

To offer quality service in the aircraft cabin, passenger airlines need well trained cabin crew who can fly and serve passengers excellently. Cabin crew will ensure safety and comfort of passengers and fellow crew while air born. Training of these essential people require an institution to meet internationally set standards. National Institute of Transport met the standard and Currently, the department offers cabin crew and recurrence course which brings you to the level of international qualifications. Being a professional cabin crew you will be eligible to work for any airline in the world.

Purpose of the Qualification

The programme is intended to prepare a skilled person, who will work as flight attendant/Cabin Crew/aircraft safety officer.

Programme Duration

Three (3) months

IATA Short course offered

  • Airport Operations Fundamentals
  • Airline Marketing
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Global Distribution System Fares and Ticketing (Amadeus)