Dr. Prosper Nyaki

Head of Department LTS


The Institute conducts different programmes including programmes which follow the National Technical Awards (NTA) system. The Institute also conducts different professional driving short courses.

    Post Graduate Diploma Programmes

  • Air Transport Management
  • Logistics and Transport Management
  • Transport and Tourism Management
  • Shipping and Port Management
  • Rail Transport Management
  • Transport Economics
  • Masters Degree Programmes

  • Master of Business Administration in Logistics and Transport Management (in collaboration with the Open University of Tanzania (OUT).
  • Master of Science in Logistics and Transport Management.

Welcome note from LTS

This is among of the earliest department established by the National Institute of Transport (NIT) purposely for training professionals in Logistics and Transport operations and management. The department has enhanced many graduated to be with best knowledge and skilled in this field and who are working in different areas within and outside the country. Likewise, the department has enhanced to train professionals in Freight Clearing and Forwarding operations and management.
Logistics and Transport is indispensable service and a vital determinant of the level of development in any society. Advancement in Logistics and Transport reflects changes in the way of living, civilizations, and economic development.
In this era, the application of advanced technologies revolutionizes various sectors, logistics and transport included, NIT facilitate the application of such technologies and accommodate in its program to be a solution to the challenges in this sector.


These are Competence-Based Education and Training (CBET) programmes. The philosophy behind these programmes is the Competence-Based Education and Training (CBET) approach. It is reflected in clearly defined programme learning outcomes and supported by well-organized Instructional and Credentialing Systems. The learning outcomes are geared towards producing graduates who are well equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes in a specified occupational activity. Programmes conducted under this system are:

Bachelor’s ‘s Degree Programmes:-

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and Transport Management:-
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Shipping and Port Logistics Management
  • Bachelor Degree in Rail-Road Logistics Management
  • Ordinary Diploma Programmes:-

  • Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management
  • Diploma in Freight Clearing and Forwarding
  • Diploma in Shipping and Port Logistics Operations
  • Diploma in Rail-Road Logistics Operations
  • Basic Technician Certificate Programmes:

  • Basic Technician Certificate in Logistics and Transport Management
  • Basic Technician Certificate in Freight Clearing and Forwarding
  • Basic Technician Certificate in Shipping and Port Logistics Operations
  • Basic Technician Certificate in Rail-Road Logistics Operations