Directorate Director

To coordinate and promote research, consultancy, production and NIT-Logistics and Transport Company Ltd and related activities of the Institute.


This Directorate will perfom the following functions: –

To solicit and manage consultancies by liaising with Government departments, Private and Public sector organizations, Education Institutions, Donor Agencies and other Consultancy Institutions;

To negotiate fees and other termslconditions with clients;

To identify suitable consultants among Institute staff;

To prepare- and implement policies, procedures and objectives of the Institute with regard to research and consultancy;

To coordinate strategic plans for consultancy activities in- collaboration with academic departments;

To coordinate and administers the Institute research and consultancy activities and services to industry for practicing professionals in the related field;

To safeguard the interest of the Institute in all matters related to research and consultancy services;

To control financial expenditure in line with budgets including those for research and consultancy services;

To establish and effectively enforce quality control measures in all Institute’s-research and consultancy activities;

To prepare profiles of available consultancy and services capacity at the Institute for the-purpose of marketing;

To be responsible for participation of the Institute in strategic public events as a means to promote consultancy activities;

To oversee NT-Logistics and Transport Company Ltd activities;

To supervise work performance in the Directorate;

To prepare implementation reports and submit to DR-ARC; and

Toprepare appropriate budget for the directorate.

This Directorate is led by a Director-