Mr. Denis Mwageni

Principal – School of Aviation Technology
Services offered by SAT to the Public and Private Stakeholders:
  • Technical Assistance for training and curricula development of formal or tailor made aviation training programs
  • Provision of facilities and equipment to aviation stakeholders such as smart classrooms, computer based training rooms, flight simulator and workshop.

About School of Aviation Technology

National Institute of Transport in implementation of its mandate of training experts in all modes of transports embarked into the process of establishing aviation programs since 2011. The initiatives rose after stakeholder’s recommendations to the government of the United Republic of Tanzania, to establish aviation training to alleviate serious shortage of aviation experts which overwhelms air transport sector in the country for years since collapse of East African Community in 1977. In 2013, the department of Aviation studies was successfully established to coordinate establishment of School of Aviation Technology (SAT) which was officially launched in 2015. SAT is responsible for planning, organizing, conducting aviation related programs, doing scientific research and consultancy services, developing its performance and ensuring excellence training in the aviation field. It offers opportunities for various disciplines of aircraft maintenance engineering, pilot, flight operations, cabin crew and other aviation operations programs. Currently the School of Aviation Technology has two departments namely; Department of Aeronautical Engineering (DAE) and Department of Flying and Operations Management (DFOM). It is therefore my pleasure, to welcome all precious guests and students to the School of Aviation Technology.