Welcome note from TET

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome students, parents, engineering stakeholders and the public at large to our Transport Engineering and Technology department webpage. Our department is one of the academic departments at the National Institute of Transport and is mainly concerned with offering education and training in engineering, technology and transport related courses. With the possession of strong base of academic staff educated from various national and international universities, we offer education at various levels starting from Basic Technician to Bachelor`s degree level. Thanks to the ongoing curriculum development process, completion and approval of which will enable our department to start offering education at Master’s degree level soon. The long courses we provide at our department are of several engineering disciplines including:

  • Automobile Engineering (Basic Technician, Diploma and Degree level)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Basic Technician, Diploma and Degree level)
  • Auto Electric Engineering (3-year Diploma level)
  • Auto Electric Engineering (3-year Diploma level)
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (3-year Diploma level)
Other programmes expected to be launched soon include:
  • Oil and Gas Engineering (3-year Diploma level)
  • Shipbuilding and Repair (3-year Diploma level)
  • Civil and Transport Engineering (specialised in Road, Railway and Ports) (3-year Diploma level)
  • Pipework Engineering (3-year Diploma level)
  • Mechanical and Transport Systems Engineering (Master`s Degree level)

Meet Our Team

Area of Specilization: Fluid Power Systems (i.e. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems), Mechatronic Systems in Industrial Automation, Design and Manufacturing processes

Eng. Dr. Omari K. Mash

Head of Department | Lecturer
Area of Specilization Farm Power and Machinery and Project Management.

Eng. Masunya E. Nashon

Assistant HOD/ Examination officer | Assistant Lecturer
Area of Specilization Machine design and System Engineering.

Eng. Prof. Zacharia M.D. Mganilwa

Associate Professor
Area of Specilication:.

Eng. Dr. Betram B. Kiswaga


List of Staff from TET Department

NamesTitleArea of Specilization
Eng. Dr. Omari K. MashiHead of Department Fluid Power Systems (i.e. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems), Mechatronic Systems in Industrial Automation, Design and Manufacturing processes.
Eng. Masunya E. NashonAssistant Head of DepartmentFarm Power and Machinery and Project Management
Eng. Prof.Zacharia M. D. MganilwaAssociate ProfessorMachine design and System Engineering.
Eng. Dr. Betram B. KiswagaLecturer
Eng. Dr. Prosper L. Mgaya
Felista Kalatula Industrial Control
Mr. John N.P.D Mahona
Elizabeth NgatungaElectronics and Telecommunication
Said Abdulrahman KahenekoShip, underwater vehicle and offshore structures designing
Mr. Khamis Faki Hamad
Mr. Ibrahim Joseph MwasubilaPower plants, Energy Systems, Computer aided design and manufacturing, pumping systems, Water treatment and Industrial systems.
Prisila A. ishabakakiElectronics and Telecommunication
Eng. Michael Jackson KyandoPlant Maintenance and System Reliability, Automobile Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Automobile Repair and Maintenance and Engine Management and Diagnosis 
Eng. Manala Tabu MbumbaRenewable energies
Eng. Chacha Lucas MwitaTurbo machinery, beam and Machine Element Design, Renewable energy and technologies and HVAC
Mr. Emmanuel M. BuberwaCathodic Protection System and Metallurgy (Processing and Valorization of Mineral Resources)
Mr. Joseph J. Luanda
Mr. Khalifa Hamisi
Mr. Patrick O. MakuleTutorial AssistantBIOFUELS (Biodiesel fuel as sustainable alternative fuel to power internal combustion Engines)
Mr. Paul Wilson Engine management (Diesel and Petrol Engine), Transmission and drive train (Manual and Automatic), Engine testing and diagnosis, Industrial equipment maintenance and Road safety management
Mr. Mhoja Mahona
Mr. Johnson Joackim Kasali
Mr Nyimila Anonsisye
Mr. Walter S. Maanga
Ms. Grace Kibweja
Mr. Jairos Kagoma
Ms. Aisha B. Kabange
Ms. Lameck Lugeiyamu