Dr. John Paul Mahona

Head of Department TET
  • Automobile Engineering (Basic Technician, Diploma and Degree level)
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Auto-electric engineering
  • Electrical engineering
Other programmes expected to be launched soon include:
  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Shipbuilding and Repair
  • Civil and Transport Engineering
  • Pipework Engineering
  • Mechanical and Transport Systems Engineering (Master`s Degree level)

Welcome note from Transport Engineering and Technology (TET) Department

Transport Engineering and Technology (TET) Department was established to address Transport Engineering and Technology issues through training, conducting applied research and consultancy activities in the disciplines approved by the NIT Act with high competence. We recognize that transport is a dominant development component for any nation or community, for this reason the department offers various transport engineering and technology programmes that are designed to develop graduates who will address the national as well as the global challenges in the transport sector as well as their related sectors. Graduates from these programmes will be involved in a wide range of careers that may include: finding the most efficient and sustainable ways to tackle transport related challenges, manufacturing processes, engineering systems installation and commissioning, project management, transport and technology consultancy, formulation of future transport policies, among others. Further, graduates are equipped knowledge, skills and understanding to be creative and innovative workforce face these challenges effectively and efficiently

The Department grant many Engineering awards as approved by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) according to Economic prosperity of society. All these depends on its ability to compete effectively in the constantly changing national and global markets. Industries have to exploit opportunities offered by new technologies to remain competitive in the market. The programmes offered are designed to produce graduates who will satisfy the needs of employers as well as self-employability in the 21st century and are ready to enter Engineering employment and are equipped to continue learning throughout their life.

The graduates from these programmes will be flexible and able to meet challenges of the job, market or industry. The programmes also address national needs articulated through various Higher and Technical Education Policies.

Your warmly welcome at TET Department.